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    Identifying Pests in Your Home

    Last updated 3 days ago

    There are a variety of pests in the Los Angeles area that can cause health problems and even severe property damage. The first step to controlling a pest infestation is identifying the types of pest you have. Read on for an overview of some of the most common pests in southern California.


    Homeowners that have never seen a termite infestation may be unsure of whether they’re dealing with ants or termites. But there are a few things that clearly separate these two pests. Termites have straight antennae, but flying ants’ antennae are bent. Flying ants’ wings are larger in front than in back, but termites have wings of equal length. Call a pest control expert if you see piles of wood dust, termite wings, or termite pellets.

    Bird Mites         

    Bird mites are a nocturnal pest, most active in spring and summer. They are small, quick, eight-legged, oval-shaped insects that are part of the tick and spider family. Although they prefer to bite birds, they can also bite humans and household pets.


    It’s common to see house mice and rats in southern California homes, as they are deft chewers and can squeeze into openings that are roughly 1/4 inch in diameter. These creatures are mainly nocturnal, but if you notice droppings or a pile of shredded paper or burlap in your home, call a rodent control professional right away.

    Bed Bugs

    The best way to tell if you have a bed bug problem is by looking at your bed sheets. If you see brown or red spots and notice rows of itchy bites that weren’t there when you when to sleep, bed bugs are probably living in your bed. Examine the mattress, and check under your furniture cushions as well, and call a pest control specialist as soon as possible to eliminate the problem.

    If you are concerned about a pest problem in your home, call Center Termite & Pest Control of Los Angeles right away at (888) 476-9951. Visit our website to learn more about the pest control treatment options we offer.

    How TAP Insulation Can Save You Money

    Last updated 13 days ago

    The right insulation can save you money and prevent pest-related stress. TAP insulation combines insulating material with a pesticide to keep rodents and insects out of your home. The EPA-registered pesticide included in TAP insulation is made from boric acid, which is safe for home applications even in homes with children and pets. Boric acid pesticide remains effective for years because pests cannot build up a resistance. TAP insulation provides excellent temperature control for your home, saving you money on your annual heating and cooling costs. You’ll also enjoy TAP insulation’s soundproofing and fire-retardant qualities, which make your home safer and more comfortable—and more appealing to buyers if you ever choose to sell it. Because TAP insulation is permanent, it will never need to be replaced, providing you with additional savings.

    Center Termite & Pest Control is pleased to offer TAP insulation installation throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Contact us today by calling (888) 476-9951 to find out more about pest control, insulation installation, and more to protect your home or business. You can find out more about the latest in pest control products on our website.

    Could You Have Mice in Your Home?

    Last updated 19 days ago

    A rodent infestation is an unappealing thought for any homeowner. Leaning to recognize the signs of mice and rats in your home is the first step in combating this situation.

    This video outlines a few telltale signs that indicate the presence of mice in your home. Droppings, which look like small black grains of rice, are left behind in areas that mice frequent. Mice also leave behind small smears of oil as they traverse your home, turning surfaces dark over time. 

    Are you concerned about a rodent infestation in your home? Contact Center Termite & Pest Control by calling (888) 476-9951 for rodent and pest elimination in the Los Angeles area. Check us out on the web to learn more about spotting and eliminating pests in your California home. 

    Busting Myths about Rats

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Although domesticated rats can make wonderful pets, wild rats are destructive and may carry disease. Rats can be extremely pervasive and tenacious, evading your efforts to handle the problem without professional help. Keep reading to discover the truth about rats and rodent infestations—and how you can control or prevent them.

    Getting a Cat Will Control a Rat Problem

    Many people believe that cats or other household pets will control a rat population. Although cats are well known as “mousers” in rural areas, the truth is that a domesticated cat will not help you to control a rodent problem. Rats that have infested your home have many entrance and escape routes, allowing them to avoid detection and capture by pets. Additionally, rats breed too quickly for one or even a few cats to keep their population at bay. Large rats may also be too big for a cat to be interested in hunting and killing.

    Cheese Is the Best Rat Bait

    Cartoons have popularized the idea that cheese attracts rodents; however, cheese is not the most effective bait option when you are looking to control a rodent population. Pest control experts recommend instead using food items such as peanut butter, chocolate, meat, or dried fruit, all of which are more likely to attract rats to your traps.

    Rats Mean Your Home Is Dirty

    Finding a rat infestation in your home can be a blow to your self-confidence. One of the most common myths about rats is that they are drawn to areas of poor sanitation, making homeowners question their cleanliness when rodents appear. However, while rats can be found in unsanitary conditions, they can also be found in the most well-kept homes well. A rat infestation is not a sign of poor home cleanliness, although taking steps to eliminate rats may involve changing the way you store food and trash.

    Center Termite & Pest Control offers fast and effective elimination of rodents, termites, and other pests in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County. Call us today at (888) 476-9951 or visit us on the web to learn more.

    Understanding the Effects of a Black Widow Spider Bite

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Black widow spiders have an ominous name and a painful bite that often causes illness. These pests can be found throughout the Southwest, including California and the Los Angeles area. If you suspect you have an infestation of black widows or other pests around your home, contact a pest elimination expert immediately.

    Symptoms of a Bite

    Black widow bites may or may not be immediately noticeable. If you feel the bite itself, it may resemble a pinprick. Soon after the bite occurs, swelling, skin irritation, and red, target-shaped lesions around the bite occur. Within fifteen minutes of a bite, muscle aches or abdominal pain often begin. Other symptoms that may occur following a black widow spider bite include feelings of anxiety or restlessness, painful muscle cramps, difficulty breathing, and increased sweating and salivation. Some individuals have also reported nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light. Young children may experience seizures, which are a sign that emergency medical care is needed urgently.

    Dangers of a Bite

    Although black widows are poisonous, deaths due to black widow bites are rare. Healthy individuals may experience adverse effects for days or even weeks, but can expect to make a full recovery with proper medical treatment. However, the elderly, the very young, and those who are ill or have compromised immune systems are at a higher risk for death. Because black widow venom confuses the nerve cells and causes them to contract, pregnant women could go into premature labor as the result of a bite. If you have any questions about a black widow or other type of spider bite, contact a physician or poison control hotline immediately.

    You don’t have to live in fear of black widows or other common pests—contact Center Termite & Pest Control of Los Angeles by calling (888) 476-9951 to find out more about our residential and commercial pest elimination services. We treat rodent, termite, spider, and bed bug infestations throughout L.A. and Orange County. Visit us on the web for more information about spiders, termites, and other common pests!

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