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A Look at Some Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Company

There are many things that homeowners have to worry about—an important one being pest control. Homes can be invaded by all manner of bed bugs, termites, and rodents, which means vigilance is crucial. If you’re in need of professional pest control, you want to be sure that you’re working with the most qualified and trustworthy people. Do your research and shop around, and be prepared to ask these questions when interviewing potential pest control companies.

What Are Your Qualifications?

One of the first things you should do is to vet prospective pest control companies. Get to know what their qualifications are by asking these questions: how long have you been in business? Are you licensed to work in this city or state? Are you insured? Are you aware of insect lifecycles and how to treat them specifically in each stage? Do your employees receive continual education and training?

What Are Your References?

Ask each company you interview for available references, affiliations, and accolades. Companies that receive high acclaim from consumer review sites, or that are affiliated with prestigious organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or member-based industry groups, are good. You should also ask for proof of insurance.

What Pesticides Do You Use?

It’s important for you to know what kinds of pesticides a particular pest control company favors, and how those pesticides are going to be applied. Be sure to ask for copies of the pesticide labels. All pesticides must comply with the federal and Environmental Protection Agency standards. The more you know about the pesticides, the better you can protect yourself, your family, and your pets. Avoid going with companies that are hesitant to disclose information. And be wary of companies that are quick to use pesticides first rather than try to address your pest problems using other, and potentially safer, options.

Are you looking to hire one of the best pest control companies in Los Angeles County? If so, look no further than Center Termite & Pest Control. Call us today at (866) 548-2847.

How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Home

Are you feeling a little itchy when you wake up in the morning? Here are some helpful tips on identifying bed bugs in your home. Be sure to call your local bed bug exterminator in Los Angeles County if these symptoms seem familiar.

If you notice any red dots on your bed sheets or mattress, these might be caused by bugs being crushed as you sleep. Unfortunately, bed bugs inhabit mattresses in the thousands, so the presence of a few red dots isn’t an indicator that you are bed-bug free. You should also look for black or brown spots in your bedding. As these bugs travel through your bedding and skin, they leave behind excrement which can make blot-like marks in your sheets. Finally, keep an eye out for bed bug eggs. Bed bugs are hatched from small clear-yellow eggs that resemble a grain of rice. You may find whole eggs alongside empty cracked eggs. Keep in mind that these eggs may be mixed with the aforementioned remnants left behind by living and dead bed bugs.

Does it sound like you have bed bugs in your Los Angeles County home? If so, contact the bed bug exterminators at Center Termite & Pest Control by calling (866) 548-2847.

A Look at Some Common Termite Control Methods

Termites are some of the most common pests found in the Los Angeles area because of the ideal living and breeding conditions present in Southern California. Although termites are known for being tenacious and challenging to eliminate, they’re no match for a highly skilled exterminator specializing in termite treatment in Los Angeles County. Here’s a look at some of the ways professionals eliminate and control termite infestations in local homes and businesses.

Inorganic and Organic Treatments

The most basic form of termite treatment is applying a potent and highly specialized treatment around the home. This termite treatment method is the most common for many reasons. Treatment sprays allow the homeowner to stay in the home while treatment is occurring without endangering pets or children. Additionally, modern termite treatments can be done in an environmentally responsible way without sacrificing effectiveness.

Fumigation and Tenting

For more severe termite infestations, your termite exterminator may suggest fumigation. This process utilizes a lethal gas that kills termites throughout the entire home in a single application. This process is highly effective, but requires all residents and pests to be out of the home. Fumigation also requires preparing the home and removing sensitive items such as food. While not appropriate for all termite infestations, fumigation is ideal for extreme cases of termite infestation.

Addressing Repairs

In addition to treating a current termite infestation, it’s also important to make the necessary repairs to prevent future termite infestations from happening and remove previously damaged wood. Any amount of remaining damage can be an open invitation for new pests, such as rodents or other bugs, to enter your home and cause additional issues. Termite damage can also lead to structural issues that compromise the safety of your home. Look for termite exterminators that also provide in-house repair services so you can eliminate termites and repair damage within the same process.

Center Termite & Pest Control offers complete termite extermination and repair services throughout Los Angeles County. Call us at (866) 548-2847 to speak with a pest control specialist today about a free termite inspection.

Identifying Termite Eggs

Are you looking for signs of a termite infestation in your home? While some indicators of termite damage are easily visible, others might be more difficult to find. That’s why contacting a termite treatment professional serving Los Angeles County is the easiest and most effective way to assess the severity your home’s termite infestation.

One important indicator of a termite infestation is the presence of termite eggs, but you’re unlikely to find them yourself. This video runs through the basics of what termite eggs look like, how they’re produced, and why they’re difficult for homeowners to spot.

If you see other signs of a potential termite infestation, call the pest control experts at Center Termite & Pest Control. We specialize in organic termite control services in residential and commercial applications. Call (866) 548-2847 to get started.

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Hiring an Exterminator

Are you looking for an exterminator to handle a termite or other pest control problem? While it may be tempting to call the very first exterminator near Los Angeles County you can find, remember that not all exterminators can provide the level and quality of service you need. Here are some things you should know before you hire your next exterminator.

Consider Exterminator Specialties

Like many other professionals, exterminators sometimes specialize their pest control services around certain kinds of pests or insects. This is incredibly important because different types of pesticides and extermination techniques will be more effective for some kinds of pests than others. So if you're looking for a service that specializes in termite treatment, make sure you ask questions about what that specific company does for termite extermination.

Ask About Pesticide Safety

Many exterminators market themselves as “green” or “environmentally friendly” pest control services. But the reality is that pesticides of all kinds are designed to eliminate and prevent pests from living and breeding in your home. To ensure that your family and pets are safe, and that you’re doing your part to care for the environment, ask your exterminator about the kinds of synthetic and non-synthetic pesticides they use, what specific pests they target, and whether green options exist that are both effective and safe.

Keep Contact Information Handy

Did you have a great experience with a particular pest control service? Save their contact information so you know to call them the next time you run into an infestation at home. It’s better to go with a company you know and trust than to have to start your exterminator search all over again. Additionally, knowing exactly what company to call can help you save time and get rid of your termites, rodents, or other pests quicker.

Looking for the very best exterminators in Los Angeles County? Center Termite & Pest Control provides comprehensive and targeted extermination services for termites, bugs, rodents, and other common pests. Call (866) 548-2847 today for more information.

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