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Pest Control Tips for the Summer

Pest control for the summer Los AngelesThere is nothing wrong with opening up your windows and doors and letting the breeze in during the summer, but if you are not careful you can find yourself with a pest control issue. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can protect your home from pests. Here is a look at a few helpful pest control tips for the summer.

Keep Your Home Clean

If you want to keep pests out of your home all year round, it is important to stay clean. Eliminating clutter can help, but food storage and sanitation may be the most important aspects. Keep your food in airtight containers and clean up your scraps rather than leaving them on the counter. Be sure to take your garbage out regularly and clean up any spills immediately.

Protect Your Perimeter

Keeping your home clean means pests will be less attracted to your home. Some pests may be more curious than others, however, so it is also important to limit their access to the interior of your house. It is especially important to make sure that your windows have screens during the summer when you will want to keep them open. Take a walk around the perimeter of your house and seal any cracks or gaps you find; many pests and rodents can fit into much smaller spaces than you might expect.

Know Who to Call for Help

A small ant problem may seem like something you can handle yourself, but you may only be witnessing a portion of the infestation. Certain pest problems, especially those regarding bed bugs, should always be handled by a pest control professional. These specialists know the most effective techniques to use in any given situation and can help you permanently eliminate your pest control problem.

For more summer pest control tips, contact Center Termite and Pest Control. We deal with residential and commercial pest control in Los Angeles County. You can find out more about our termite treatment and bug control by visiting our website or calling us at (888) 476-9951 today.

Termite Prevention Basics

Termite damage Los Angeles

Nobody wants a swarm of termites chewing through their wooden structures, and yet these infestations happen all the time. This is partially due to a lack of understanding of termites and what might attract them to your living space. Continue reading if you are interested in learning about the termite prevention basics.

Termites are attracted to your trees, lumber, and wooden structures, but they also need moisture to survive. Make sure that your home does not contain too much moisture. You can do this by addressing leaks and cleaning up spills immediately. If you have any wooden structures on your property such as a deck, staircase, or fence, it is wise to treat the material to protect it from termites. Make sure you store your lumber in a safe place away from the house and call an exterminator if you believe you may have an infestation.

Would you like to learn more about termite prevention? Call Center Termite and Pest Control at (888) 476-9951. We specialize in pest control in Los Angeles County and are happy to help with drywood termites. Feel free to visit our website or stop in and see us for more information about our termite control services today.

Are Bed Bugs a Growing Concern?

Bed bugs Los AngelesBed bugs had been a widespread problem in America for hundreds of years until they were all but eliminated. They have repopulated over the better part of the last century, but modern pest control techniques have helped to combat their infestations. Read on if you are wondering why bed bugs may be a growing concern.

Reasons for Their Comeback

After making their way to North America several hundred years ago, bed bug populations were substantially diminished with the help of post-World War II pesticide use. Unfortunately, this liberal use of pesticides was found to be problematic and was ceased. With the end of the war came increased air travel, which led to a reintroduction of bed bugs into North America. These circumstances, along with their resilience, have allowed them to become an issue once again.

Depth of Their Infestations

Bed bugs tend to be particularly concerning because of how thoroughly they infest sleeping areas. They are not inherently harmful and do not carry disease, but the prospect of sharing your bed with bugs can be psychologically troubling. Bed bugs make their way into apartments, hotels, and dormitories by hopping onto people and into bags and suitcases. This allows them to travel vast distances with ease. These pests do not need to feed very often, and their presence may not be noticed for some time. Although their resilience is impressive, there are ways of dealing with them.

How to Handle a Bed Bug Problem

While the heavier, broader pesticides of old are no longer in use today there are still ways of effectively eliminating bed bugs. Wash your clothes and bedding in hot water; heat can kill bed bugs as well as their eggs. Call a pest control professional as soon as you notice signs of infestation.

If you are concerned that you may have a problem with bed bugs in Los Angeles County, call Center Termite and Pest Control at (888) 476-9951. Our pest control service specializes in termite damage and cockroach control. Feel free to visit our website or stop by and meet with us today if you live in the area.

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What You Need to Know About Pest Control

Finding bugs in your home can be a stressful experience, which is why it pays to work with a trustworthy pest control service. Watch this video to find out what you need to know about pest control.

There are many products on the market that you may be able to use to treat a bug problem. However, there is no substitute for professional pest control. Tackling a pest problem on your own means knowing how to use your extermination product and where to look for an infestation; professionals are adept in both of these areas.

Center Termite and Pest Control is among the highest quality pest control companies in Los Angeles County. We are proud to provide a number of pest control treatments including termite and cockroach control. Feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (888) 476-9951 to find out more about what we can do for you.
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