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How to Identify a Spider Bite

Without professional pest control services, a pest infestation can quickly grow out of hand and affect the health and safety of you and your family. Spiders will quickly breed and spread throughout a home, and dangerous spiders can cause painful and even deadly bites. If you notice signs of a spider infestation, you should contact a professional pest control company immediately.

Watch this video for some tips on how to identify a spider bite. It’s important to know what type of spider bit you, so that you know if you need medical attention.

If you have a spider infestation and need extermination or fumigation in Los Angeles County, come see us at Center Termite & Pest Control. Our professional exterminators can quickly identify the spiders present in your home, and provide safe, effective, and thorough extermination. To learn more about our pest control services, including termite control and rat control, call us today at (866) 548-2847.

Protecting Your Home from Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insidious creatures. Due to their cryptic natures, bed bugs may often be undetected in homes until full-blown infestations occur. Though bed bugs are relatively rare, they’re definitely causes for concern. If you find evidence of bed bugs in your home, enlist the help of a pest control professional as soon as possible.

There are several measures you can take to protect you and your family from bed bugs. At home, maintain a regular cleaning regimen, which should include daily or weekly vacuuming. Make sure you keep your bed and bedding clean, and try to keep clutter at bay. When traveling, thoroughly inspect hotel furniture, beds, bedding, and closets for signs of bed bugs. Be sure you don’t bring bed bugs back home with you. These critters are expert hitchhikers and can discretely attach themselves to unsuspecting travelers or to luggage.

Center Termite & Pest Control has been highly praised for our commitment to customer satisfaction and effective pest control in Los Angeles County. We provide superior bed bug, termite, cockroach, and rodent control services. Contact us at (866) 548-2847 to learn more about what we offer or to schedule an appointment.

Top Tips for Dealing with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that can invade your home and make your life miserable. Here are some tips for dealing with them. When in doubt, hire a professional exterminator who specializes in bed bug eradication.

Learn How to Identify Bed Bugs

One of the best ways to deal with bed bugs is to learn how to identify them, which includes understanding their life cycles and behaviors. There is a plethora of information on bed bugs online. For more information, contact a reputable pest control service provider. Keep yourself informed in order to protect you and your family from an infestation.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter in homes isn’t just unsightly; it also encourages pests to congregate. The more clutter in your home, the more places there are for bed bugs to hide. Keep these pests at bay by de-cluttering your home.

Reduce Hiding Places

To stop bed bugs from entering your home, make it difficult for them to hide. For example, you can discourage bed bugs from hiding in mattresses by shielding them with protective covers. There are products on the market specifically designed to keep bed bugs out of mattresses and box springs, making it difficult for them to bite you while you’re sleeping. You should also keep areas that bed bugs favor clean and inhospitable to them.

Clean Regularly

It’s important to keep your home clean so you can avoid bed bug infestations. Be sure to inspect and clean areas where bed bugs may hide regularly. Vacuum and mop daily, biweekly, or weekly and wash your clothes and bed sheets often.

Raise the Heat

Bed bugs can’t handle high heat for prolonged periods of time. If their body temperatures reach 45 degrees Celsius, 113 degrees Fahrenheit, they will die. You can’t achieve and sustain these high temperatures by raising your home’s thermostat, which means you have to defer to the professionals and special heating equipment.

Do you have bed bugs in your home? If so, contact Center Termite & Pest Control at (866) 548-2847. We offer great pest control solutions to take care of bed bugs in Los Angeles County.

Eliminating a Termite Problem

Termites are one of the most unwanted pests in homes because they’re capable of building huge nests and causing major damage to wooden structures. Depending on the extent of the termite damage, affected homeowners may spend a lot of money to repair their homes. Ultimately, the best way to eliminate termites is to hire an experienced and licensed pest control specialist. Only a trained technician can properly take care of termite control needs. Watch this video to learn about how termites are professionally eliminated.

With over 40 years of industry, Center Termite & Pest Control has effectively dealt with all manner of pests. We offer the best customer service, as well as pest control and termite treatment near Los Angeles County. Call us today at (866) 548-2847.

A Look at Some Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Company

There are many things that homeowners have to worry about—an important one being pest control. Homes can be invaded by all manner of bed bugs, termites, and rodents, which means vigilance is crucial. If you’re in need of professional pest control, you want to be sure that you’re working with the most qualified and trustworthy people. Do your research and shop around, and be prepared to ask these questions when interviewing potential pest control companies.

What Are Your Qualifications?

One of the first things you should do is to vet prospective pest control companies. Get to know what their qualifications are by asking these questions: how long have you been in business? Are you licensed to work in this city or state? Are you insured? Are you aware of insect lifecycles and how to treat them specifically in each stage? Do your employees receive continual education and training?

What Are Your References?

Ask each company you interview for available references, affiliations, and accolades. Companies that receive high acclaim from consumer review sites, or that are affiliated with prestigious organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or member-based industry groups, are good. You should also ask for proof of insurance.

What Pesticides Do You Use?

It’s important for you to know what kinds of pesticides a particular pest control company favors, and how those pesticides are going to be applied. Be sure to ask for copies of the pesticide labels. All pesticides must comply with the federal and Environmental Protection Agency standards. The more you know about the pesticides, the better you can protect yourself, your family, and your pets. Avoid going with companies that are hesitant to disclose information. And be wary of companies that are quick to use pesticides first rather than try to address your pest problems using other, and potentially safer, options.

Are you looking to hire one of the best pest control companies in Los Angeles County? If so, look no further than Center Termite & Pest Control. Call us today at (866) 548-2847.

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